Use Sweet Broken Crepes for a Unique Twist to Traditional Recipes

Crepes have been a fundamental breakfast food for years but they have advanced in recent years to become a lunchtime or dinner food as well. Crepes can also be served as a dessert or as an after-school snack to a young starving student. When it comes to crepes, they are undeniably versatile and their use is only limited by your imagination and creativity for choosing the filling.

At Almondena we offer another unique twist to crepes. We offer them in small broken pieces with a crunchy texture and a light vanilla flavour. They are buttery delights with a crisp taste and they can be added to a mousse, ganache, buttercream recipes, truffle fillings and much, much more.

When you are looking for something different, get inspired by these crunchy crepe shards. When you have something creamy that you are working with and feel that a crunchy texture would bring your recipe to the next level, consider adding crepe pieces. They are light enough to work into a creamy recipe beautifully without overpowering the original texture and taste.

The thin, crispy and buttery golden crepe segments are available on our website at We offer a wide array of gourmet ingredients that are available to chefs across North America that understand that quality defines the taste. We also offer a wholesale pricing program so that you can afford to order high-end ingredients for your restaurant or other dining establishments.

When it comes to building up a reputation and creating a flow of non-stop customers, we are here to help. At Almondena, we offer a variety of wholesale confectionery, sweets, snacks and confections. We source our food items from their native origins, and providing fresh food products is our number one priority. Simply call our distributor, Qualifirst at 1 (800) 206-1177 for more information about pricing, delivery, and our quality guarantee.


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