What Is Gourmet Food?

Wholesale Confectionery, Sweets, Snacks & Confections

Wholesale Confectionery, Sweets, Snacks & Confections

The term ‘gourmet food’ refers to food or drink that made from high-quality ingredients sourced from their country of origin, and are often the freshest, tastiest and best foods available. Gourmet food may also refer to something rare and harder to find such as escargots or truffles. It has a certain flair to it, may be viewed as exotic and usually can’t be found on the shelves at a regular grocery store.

When you are offered gourmet food in a meal, you’ll know that there are spices and herbs that they are blended together in an interesting way to add a new depth and flavour to the dish. The herbs and spices must also be sourced ethically and be as fresh as possible to pull the dish together.


At Almondena, we carry the highest quality gourmet foods and we have searched the world over to find the best of the best for you. We offer only premium ingredients that are full of providence and flavour, with sustainable and organic products such as sugars, nuts and cocoa nibs. When you need top-of-the-line ingredients to make your gourmet creations, you can count on the quality of all of our products.

Gourmet Ingredients

Here are some of the gourmet ingredients that we offer at Almondena:

  • Hazelnut chocolate spread
  • Rock candy sticks
  • Cigar wafers
  • Course maple sugar
  • Unsweetened coconut ribbon chips
  • Sweet broken crêpes
  • Cocoa powder
  • Organic cocoa nibs
  • Pink praline
  • Fan wafers
  • Much more

We offer an incredible discount pricing program to all clients that place bulk orders for any of our wholesale confectionery, sweets, and confections. We are able to ship and package any quantity, from crates to skids. Visit our site at almondena.com or contact us today for more details about our gourmet food ingredients and our commitment to quality.

Use Sweet Broken Crepes for a Unique Twist to Traditional Recipes

wholesale confectionery, sweets, snacks and confections

Crepes have been a fundamental breakfast food for years but they have advanced in recent years to become a lunchtime or dinner food as well. Crepes can also be served as a dessert or as an after-school snack to a young starving student. When it comes to crepes, they are undeniably versatile and their use is only limited by your imagination and creativity for choosing the filling.

At Almondena we offer another unique twist to crepes. We offer them in small broken pieces with a crunchy texture and a light vanilla flavour. They are buttery delights with a crisp taste and they can be added to a mousse, ganache, buttercream recipes, truffle fillings and much, much more.

When you are looking for something different, get inspired by these crunchy crepe shards. When you have something creamy that you are working with and feel that a crunchy texture would bring your recipe to the next level, consider adding crepe pieces. They are light enough to work into a creamy recipe beautifully without overpowering the original texture and taste.

The thin, crispy and buttery golden crepe segments are available on our website at www.almondena.com. We offer a wide array of gourmet ingredients that are available to chefs across North America that understand that quality defines the taste. We also offer a wholesale pricing program so that you can afford to order high-end ingredients for your restaurant or other dining establishments.

When it comes to building up a reputation and creating a flow of non-stop customers, we are here to help. At Almondena, we offer a variety of wholesale confectionery, sweets, snacks and confections. We source our food items from their native origins, and providing fresh food products is our number one priority. Simply call our distributor, Qualifirst at 1 (800) 206-1177 for more information about pricing, delivery, and our quality guarantee.


Recipe Tips for Delicious Hazelnut Spread

Wholesale Confectionary, Sweets, Snacks & Confections

Recipe Tips for Delicious Hazelnut Spread

Hazelnut spread is a delicious, sweet chocolate spread that is enjoyed by both young and old. This is a traditional Italian spread that is made with high quality cocoa and roasted hazelnuts. It can be used as an ingredient in many delectable desserts or used as a spread on bread, crepes, pancakes and much more. Here are some fun and unique ideas that you may not have considered before for hazelnut spread:

Chocolate cake and brownies – Add some hazelnut chocolate spread and some chopped hazelnuts into your favourite chocolate brownie or cake recipe.

Croissants – Hazelnut paste is perfect for spreading on croissants. If you make your own homemade croissants you can also use this spread as a hidden surprise to be discovered once you bite into one of the croissants.

As a glaze – Put the butter aside and melt some hazelnut spread to pour over your popcorn, cakes and tarts.

Sweetener – Add a teaspoon of this nutty butter to your coffee or hot chocolate any time you are craving something sweet and different.

Hazelnut popsicles – Get ready for the heat of summer and have some hazelnut popsicles on hand to treat the youngsters and adults. Simply stir in a spoonful of hazelnut spread into cold milk and then pour the mix into popsicle molds to freeze.

Chocolate hazelnut dip – Keep some hazelnut spread handy in the pantry to be used as a dip. Melt chocolate and hazelnut paste over low heat and serve it with fruits, wafers or just about anything else on a party platter.

These are just a few of the unique ideas that you can use right away if you have hazelnut spread and would like to do something different with it. If you are looking for delicious gourmet hazelnut spread along with any other sweets, snacks and confections please visit our website at www.almondena.com. We offer wholesale pricing for bulk orders with fast delivery times.

Add a Note of Sophistication to Your Ice Cream with Cigar Wafers

Add a Note of Sophistication to Your Ice Cream with Cigar Wafers

If you own a restaurant and regularly serve ice cream to your customers, you can easily add a note of sophistication to your desert offering with cigar wafers. These wafers are light, thin, sweet and crisp and are the perfect pairing with a bowl of ice cream or a fancy sundae.

Make your guests stand up and take notice by serving them a little something extra on the side of their ice cream bowls. It’s in a simple way to show your customers that you take pride in the food that you serve and are willing to add flair to every dish you serve.

Our cigar wafers are approximately 4 inches in length and are pencil thin. They offer the smooth, subtle flavour of vanilla with a flaky pastry texture. Use them as a garnish by placing them in the ice cream itself or display them on the side. Either way, you’re sure to hear comments of appreciation from your customers.

Ice Cream Buffets and Dessert Bars

Be sure to stock up on cigar wafers if you have an ice cream bar or a buffet where patrons can help themselves to their own ice cream sundaes. It’s another ingredient that you can add to your ice cream and dessert buffet that will keep your guests satisfied and coming back for more. For added variety, dip 1/3 of the wafers into melted chocolate and then serve them once the chocolate has hardened.

You can order bulk quantities of these wafers by visiting almondena.com or you can also call our distributor directly at 1-800-206-1177. We offer wholesale pricing for large orders and while you’re at our site you can browse through our selection of other premium ingredients offered at discounted prices.

What Are Tonka Beans and What Are They Used For?

What Are Tonka Beans and What Are They Used For?

Tonka beans are not something that you’d regularly find on the shelves at a grocery store. They are more of a specialty food boasting their very own unique flavour and aroma. Once you taste one, you’ll be hooked. They smell much like cinnamon, cherry, vanilla and almond and the flavour seems to adapt with the food the beans are being served with.

This food could be considered to be a spicy, fruity bean that is most often used for desserts but can be added to main courses as well. These black pods originate from South and Central America, and provide a unique and deep taste sensation that can’t be rivaled by any other type of bean.

When purchasing tonka beans, you should be looking for dark brown or black beans that are shriveled and about an inch long. They should be dark and firm in appearance and shouldn’t crumble easily. They need to be stored in an airtight container in a dry cool area, and when stored properly, they can last for months. It’s best to use them earlier than later, however, since they tend to lose their flavour over time.

The beans can be used in both savoury and sweet culinary creations or even be added to a cocktail syrup for a completely different splash of flavour. Many world-renowned chefs and bartenders would never be caught without tonka beans by their sides!

One of the best ways to get started with this intriguing food is to simply replace the vanilla called for in a certain recipe with an equal amount of tonka beans. You’ll notice both a similarity and a vast difference between ordinary vanilla and these beans.  

If you’re looking for tonka beans and need them in bulk quantities, we can supply them by the truckload, the crate, the skid or by the box. At Almondena we supply premium foods to restaurants and food establishments across Canada at wholesale prices. Learn more about our high-quality tonka beans and our wholesale pricing policies at www.almondena.com.

Quality Food Begins with Gourmet Ingredients

Quality Food Begins with Gourmet Ingredients

Whether you are a budding chef or a professional chef working in a fine dining establishment, you’ll need to use gourmet ingredients to create high quality meals, desserts and appetizers. Always look for the best ingredients in order to maintain a high reputation in your local area. Any quality meal always starts with a list of superior ingredients.

Consider the Cost

Some restaurants decide to use inferior products for their ingredients due to the cost factor. At Almondena we understand that there are many different expenses involved when running a business and that is why we offer wholesale pricing for bulk orders. This way, any dining establishment is able to offer their guests the best of the best without having to pay high prices for gourmet items.

When you consider the cost of losing customers to your competitors due to a lack of quality ingredients, it’s easy to see that the return on investment is extremely high for gourmet products. In fact, you simply can’t afford to use anything less when you are trying to impress your customers and want them to return time and time again. You’ll also want to encourage word-of-mouth advertising so that your business can expand quickly.

Gourmet Ingredients

At Almondena we offer ethically sourced premium ingredients to our long list of clients that don’t want to settle for second best. You can always depend on the quality of the product being delivered from us and we promise we’ll never send out substitutes. You’ll always know that you will be receiving exactly what you originally ordered when you choose us as your food supplier.

Find out more about our list of gourmet ingredients, our wholesale program and our company values by visiting our site at www.almondena.com. When you need first-class ingredients at a reasonable price, we always deliver.

How to Use Piping Bags

How to Use Piping Bags

Disposable piping bags give you the opportunity to pipe your decorations easily and accurately. Our piping bags are easy to grip, are flexible and can be fitted with any pastry tip. They can also be cut with a pair of scissors to the correct diameter for your piping needs. Whether you’re new to the piping process or simply want a few pointers, here are some guidelines for using piping bags for your next pastry creations.

Start by inserting the tip you’ll be using into the bag so that you can determine by eye how much of the piping bag should be snipped off. Be careful not to cut too large a hole or the tip will fall out when it is inserted.

Insert the tip into the bag snugly. If you’re going to be using a coupler, you’ll need to first place the plastic piece in the bag then put the tip with the plastic ring on the outside. The tip should be screwed tightly into the coupler.

Grab the bag near the middle and then fold the upper part over your hand. This gives you a wide enough opening to fill the bag with the mixture you have prepared. A maximum of 3/4 of the bag should be filled at the most. Once this has been done you’ll need to push on the mixture towards the pastry tip and then twist the bag at the end.

Before adding the filling to your pastries or decorating your baked items make sure that all of the air pockets are out of the bag. Push on the bag over a separate dish to release some of the air before getting started.

When it’s time to begin, make sure that the piping tip is held slightly above the item that is being piped and apply a small amount of pressure to release the filling. Use a steady and slow pressure with the bag held perpendicular or at a 45° angle to the surface. When you have completed a certain portion of your piping simply release the pressure you are applying and lift up the tip.

When you follow these simple tips, you’ll find that piping becomes second nature in no time at all. If you are looking for piping bags in large quantities, please contact us at 1-800-206-1177 or visit our site at www.almondena.com. At Almondena, we offer wholesale pricing for all of our piping bags and gourmet baking products.

The Importance of Sourcing Ethically

Positive buying experiences aren’t just about deals –  often they are linked to shopping ethically and making a purchase of a high quality item from a progressive company. Ethical consumers are now looking for businesses that care about the environment and the cultures surrounding them. These companies source from places with high production standards, and both the employees and the environment are both taking into account.

Ethical shopping became increasingly popular when sweatshop practices was first reported in Third World countries. Since then, various abuses of product manufacturing came to light and consumers took this to heart. Many businesses started looking for companies that would only deal with ethical sourcing of their materials. At Almondena, we share these sentiments, and while we like to promote the high quality of our products, we also want to ensure customers that they are receiving food items that meet our high standards of ethical sourcing.

Ethical Consumers

As an ethical consumer, you will be helping to maintain a higher life quality for people around the world, will be supporting sustainable development and will eliminate patterns of unsustainable consumption and production. It also contributes to animal protection and the reduction of biodiversity.

As larger multi-national corporations expand and offer more products, consumers are still looking for smaller businesses that offer more in terms of ethical standards. At Almondena, we embrace all of these concepts, and often work with restaurants and other food establishments that share these views. As a family-owned company, we deliver more without having to compromise on the quality of our products.

If you operate a restaurant and have higher standards for your food ingredients, contact us today or learn more at our site at almondena.com. We offer wholesale prices on bulk orders, and you can always count on the sourcing, quality and freshness of every product we sell. When you are looking for the best-of-the-best and want to provide your customers with the ultimate dishes and dessert preparations, you can count on our company to deliver.

Cigar Wafers – Enjoy the Sophistication

When you’re looking for an elegant way to add some sophistication to your dessert menu think of cigar wafers from Almondena. These are crisp, thin roles of flaky pastry that are 4 inches long and as thin as a pencil. Experience these vanilla flavoured treats on their own or liven them up with the mouth-watering suggestions below.

Dipped in Chocolate – Melt some milk or dark chocolate and then dip 1/3 of each wafer into the mixture for a sweet taste sensation. If you’re looking for pure indulgence you can dip the entire wafer!

Mousse Cakes – Bring the presentation of your mousse cakes up to a new level by lining the sides of your cakes with cigar wafers. This is a great way to add more sophistication to an already sophisticated desert.

White Chocolate and Peppermint – This is an excellent treat to serve near the holiday season. Simply melt some white chocolate, dip in 1/2 the wafer and then roll it in peppermint shavings. This sweet delight tastes just as good as it looks!

Your Favourite Chocolate Bar – Melt your favourite chocolate bar and then dip these cigar treats into the mixture. This may very well become one of your go-to recipes for the future!

Hazelnut Spread – Place some hazelnut spread as a dip alongside the wafers. This is another fantastic way to put your hazelnut spread to great use!

Party Platter – Make your next get-together stand out with cigar wafer platters. Put a large plate of wafers on the buffet table and arrange a variety of different dips and spreads around them. Offer sprinkles, colourful crushed sugar and nuts as an option that can be placed on the dips. Your guests will love them!

If you are running a dining establishment and need cigar wafers in bulk quantities we are able to offer discount pricing for large orders. Please visit our website at www.almondena.com for more details or call Qualifirst, our distributor, at 1-800-206-1177.

Get Rejuvenated with Pine Nuts

Wholesale Pine Nuts Toronto, Toronto Wholesale Pine Nuts

Wholesale Pine Nuts Toronto, Pine Nuts Toronto Wholesale







Pine nuts have been around for centuries and while they contain a lot of the same nutrients found in many nuts, they really aren’t nuts. They are pine tree seeds and if you look inside a pine cone you’ll find them located between the scales. These seeds are removed, shelled and then either preserved or consumed right afterwards. They are a delicacy that may be roasted or eaten raw and can be added to a number of dishes or eaten on their own as a snack food.

Pine nuts have long been considered an energy booster due to their high levels of iron, protein, magnesium and monounsaturated fat. When you feel like you simply can’t get through the afternoon, grab some of these nuts to get fully rejuvenated. They also contain pinolenic acid, which may lower your unhealthy cholesterol levels and the vitamin K, magnesium and manganese found in pine nuts are good for your heart.
Along with all of these benefits, pine nuts also boast a healthy mix of antioxidants, which are crucial in the fight against free radicals. If you’re having any trouble with your vision, you may want to grab a handful since they contain lutein. Pine nuts can also act as an appetite suppressant, which is good news for people that are following a diet.
These seeds have lined the pantries of many homes across Asia, North America and Europe for years due to their buttery and nutty taste. They can be found in most pesto sauces and are a great addition to vegetables and salads.
Many distinguished chefs across the world always have a supply of pine nuts on hand to add variety to their dishes. They offer a taste sensation that cannot be found in any other type of food and can bring simple dishes to life very quickly.
At Almondena we carry pine nuts that are as fresh and flavourful as the day they were first picked. You can see these seeds at almondena.com and you can also view our extensive line of quality, sustainable products that are available in bulk quantities at low, low wholesale prices. To place an order for pine nuts, please contact our distributor, Qualifirst Foods, directly at 1-800-206-1177. You can count on us to provide the high quality ingredients you need to bring your restaurant creations up to a brand-new level.

Sweeten Your Coffee with Rock Sugar Stir Sticks

Rock sugar stir sticks are a great way to add some extra sweetness to your coffee or tea as they slowly dissolve in your drink. Our quality stir sticks are made from premium ingredients that are sustainable and organic and can be ordered in bulk quantities. Sweeten your drinks with swizzle sticks that are made from pure organic cane sugar and you’ll never want to go back to regular sugar again.

These sticks are a perfect addition to a beverage table at a buffet and your guests will be thoroughly impressed when you serve them at your next dinner party. Many fine restaurants and cafés also offer their patrons stir sticks as a delicious alternative to regular table sugar.

These sticks can be used to garnish and sweeten tea, cappuccino, espresso, latte, coffee and much more. They help create a memorable conclusion to a meal while providing a smooth sweetness to an after-dinner drink. Not only are these stir sticks delicious but they are also elegant. When presented on a silver tray the effect is absolutely amazing.

Offices and businesses often purchase our Almondena White Sugar Sticks and offer them in their employee or guest coffee stations. These sticks make a culinary statement of their own. If you are trying to impress the people arriving at your place of business, there’s no better way to leave a lasting impression than to offer a stir stick with a complementary tea or coffee. It’s also a great way to let your employees know that they are valued and appreciated for the work they do.

Rock candy swizzle sticks are also perfect for weddings and for other special events. They make an elegant addition to a champagne glass on New Year’s Eve and can garnish any type of hot or cold drinks. They are lovely at any time and when you’re expecting company they are an impressive way to serve sugar.

These sticks take some time to dissolve and can be removed once the desired sweetness is reached. Our rock sugar sticks are available in bulk quantities and at wholesale prices. When you want to create a lasting impression on your customers, clients or guests, these sticks are an affordable and elegant option. To find out more about Almondena crystal sugar sticks please visit almondena.com or call Qualifirst today at 1-800-206-1177 to place an order.

Pink Praline Nuts Sweeten Any Dessert

Pink praline nuts are a specialty item from Lyon, France and they can be used in a number of different desserts to add extra sweetness or as a main ingredient. They can be used as a desert flavouring or they can be enjoyed on their own. They also make an exquisite decoration when placed on top of truffles and chocolates and can adorn the top of any cake in style.

Chefs in Lyon have been using these sweet treats for years as part of many treats that are praline- based and anyone with a sweet tooth appreciates them. Enter any bakery shop in Lyon and you’re sure to find a “tarte aux pralines“. These are often considered to be Lyon’s signature tarte coming from the heart of gastronomy in France. If you’ve ever had the good fortune to visit Lyon, you’ve no doubt been searching for them upon your return back home. They leave a lasting memory and impression of the extraordinary culinary French legend of cooking.

Another famous bakery item using these pink nuts is the “brioche aux pralines”. This delicacy is made with a brioche that is as soft as a pillow which has been formed into a muffin or a loaf with neon pink praline nuts dotting the top of them. The nuts inside also provide a burst of colour once you bite into the brioche.

Pink praline nuts are also commonly used in meringues, biscottis, praline chocolate mousse, ice cream and gelatos and much more. These nuts add a touch of colour to any dessert recipe and can be used as a garnish on cakes, cupcakes, pies and any other desert creations. There is absolutely no limits when it comes to using these nuts and many chefs have their own secret recipes that include them. When you’re looking for something extra for your favourite dessert masterpiece but don’t know exactly what it is, consider adding pink praline nuts as an ingredient or as a garnish to spruce things up a bit.

Find out more about Almondena pink praline nuts and how you can order them wholesale and in bulk quantities at almondena.com. You can also call our distributor Qualifirst at any time to find out more about these exceptional praline nuts that are a must-have ingredient in the culinary city of Lyon. Use them for your favourite dessert recipe to bring a splash of French cooking into your home, restaurant or café.

Pesto from Scratch with Pine Nuts

Pine nuts are an essential, fundamental ingredient for any pesto sauce. At Almondena we are proud to present buttery, sweet, crunchy and nutty pine nuts that outshine any others. They have a remarkable distinctive taste that make any pesto come alive when it is made from scratch.

There really is no substitute when it comes to making a true authentic pesto. Only Pine Nuts will do. Any fine chef will tell you that other nuts simply can’t hold their weight as part of a pesto recipe. Pine nuts add their own distinctive flavour to this amazing vibrant green sauce. As you taste the strong basil on your palette you’ll also be able to recognize the flavour of the pine nuts shining through.

Homemade pesto sauce

  • A large bunch (2 cups) fresh basil
  • A handful (1/3 cup) pine nuts
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1 fresh lemon (optional)

Pesto can be made in a few short minutes when you’re using a food processor or you can choose to use a mortar and a pestle instead if you have some extra time. Start with a large bunch of fresh basil, which amounts to approximately 2 cups, one clove of garlic and a handful, approximately 1/3 cup of pine nuts. Grind them with your mortar and pestle or drop them directly into your food processor. Stir in 1/2 cup of grated Parmesan cheese and then drizzle olive oil over the mixture until the sauce becomes bound. Salt-and-pepper to taste. You can also add one squeeze of pure lemon juice to add a slight tangy flavour to the pesto.

This is a basic recipe for pesto and many chefs use it as a base for creating their own specialized pesto sauces. If you want to make pesto sauce from scratch you’ll want to use only the freshest ingredients and the best pine nuts available on the market. The pine nuts will add a buttery and nutty flavor to the pesto that will pull all of the other flavours together perfectly.

At Almondena our pine nuts for pesto and other recipes are offered at wholesale prices and in bulk quantities. To find out more about placing an order please contact our distributor Qualifirst at 1-800-206-1177 or visit our website at almondena.com. The best pesto sauce always starts with fresh, premium ingredients.

Make Gelato with Premium Pistachio Paste

Ask any gelato lover what his favourite flavour is and many will answer “pistachio” without a moment’s hesitation. Pistachio gelato leaves an impressive taste on the palate and when prepared correctly it can outshine other gelatos and leave them appearing tasteless. It can be quite difficult to find a great tasting pistachio gelato, however, since the pistachio flavour is quite often counterfeited. You can find artificial pistachio flavourings on the market but a true gelato connoisseur can tell the difference between an imitation and a genuine pistachio gelato.

The key to preparing an outstanding gelato is the paste. A true pistachio paste provides an authentic pistachio flavour and you’d never find anyone in Sicily or Italy using a fake product. It simply wouldn’t happen!

Almondena premium pistachio paste can be added directly to a classic or Sicilian-style gelato base. The mix of ingredients are then added to the ice cream maker bowl and frozen according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Once the gelato becomes slightly icy but is still soft, the machine should be stopped.

The mixture can be kept frozen for approximately 2 weeks. It should be taken out of the freezer for approximately 10 minutes before serving to allow it to soften for easier scooping. You’ll be amazed to see the lovely green appearance of the gelato and its flavorful aroma as it makes its way from the serving dish to the individual bowls. You’ll be twice as impressed once you taste the gelato and recognize the bold presence of the pistachio taste.

Preparing pistachio gelato has never been easier than it is today. We have done all the hard work for you so that you don’t have to grind your own pistachios to make a homemade paste. Our quality ingredients make this a premium paste that is just as good as or even better than what you could make yourself.

Find out what authentic pistachio gelato really tastes like by using our premium paste. At Almondena we offer only the freshest, ethically sourced products that are full of providence and flavour. View our Premium Pistachio Paste at almondena.com or give our distributor, Qualifirst, a call at 1-800-206-1177 to place your order today. The paste can be ordered in bulk quantities at wholesale prices by individuals, fine restaurants and specialty shops that only want to serve the best, authentic pistachio gelato.