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What Is Gourmet Food?

The term ‘gourmet food’ refers to food or drink that made from high-quality ingredients sourced from their country of origin, and are often the freshest, tastiest and best foods available. Gourmet food may also refer to something rare and harder… Read More

wholesale confectionery, sweets, snacks and confections

Use Sweet Broken Crepes for a Unique Twist to Traditional Recipes

Crepes have been a fundamental breakfast food for years but they have advanced in recent years to become a lunchtime or dinner food as well. Crepes can also be served as a dessert or as an after-school snack to a… Read More

Wholesale Confectionary, Sweets, Snacks & Confections

Recipe Tips for Delicious Hazelnut Spread

Recipe Tips for Delicious Hazelnut Spread Hazelnut spread is a delicious, sweet chocolate spread that is enjoyed by both young and old. This is a traditional Italian spread that is made with high quality cocoa and roasted hazelnuts. It can… Read More

Add a Note of Sophistication to Your Ice Cream with Cigar Wafers

Add a Note of Sophistication to Your Ice Cream with Cigar Wafers

If you own a restaurant and regularly serve ice cream to your customers, you can easily add a note of sophistication to your desert offering with cigar wafers. These wafers are light, thin, sweet and crisp and are the perfect… Read More

What Are Tonka Beans and What Are They Used For?

What Are Tonka Beans and What Are They Used For?

Tonka beans are not something that you’d regularly find on the shelves at a grocery store. They are more of a specialty food boasting their very own unique flavour and aroma. Once you taste one, you’ll be hooked. They smell… Read More

Quality Food Begins with Gourmet Ingredients

Quality Food Begins with Gourmet Ingredients

Whether you are a budding chef or a professional chef working in a fine dining establishment, you’ll need to use gourmet ingredients to create high quality meals, desserts and appetizers. Always look for the best ingredients in order to maintain… Read More

How to Use Piping Bags

How to Use Piping Bags

Disposable piping bags give you the opportunity to pipe your decorations easily and accurately. Our piping bags are easy to grip, are flexible and can be fitted with any pastry tip. They can also be cut with a pair of… Read More

The Importance of Sourcing Ethically

Positive buying experiences aren’t just about deals –  often they are linked to shopping ethically and making a purchase of a high quality item from a progressive company. Ethical consumers are now looking for businesses that care about the environment… Read More

Cigar Wafers – Enjoy the Sophistication

When you’re looking for an elegant way to add some sophistication to your dessert menu think of cigar wafers from Almondena. These are crisp, thin roles of flaky pastry that are 4 inches long and as thin as a pencil…. Read More

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Get Rejuvenated with Pine Nuts

            Pine nuts have been around for centuries and while they contain a lot of the same nutrients found in many nuts, they really aren’t nuts. They are pine tree seeds and if you look… Read More