Add a Note of Sophistication to Your Ice Cream with Cigar Wafers

If you own a restaurant and regularly serve ice cream to your customers, you can easily add a note of sophistication to your desert offering with cigar wafers. These wafers are light, thin, sweet and crisp and are the perfect pairing with a bowl of ice cream or a fancy sundae.

Make your guests stand up and take notice by serving them a little something extra on the side of their ice cream bowls. It’s in a simple way to show your customers that you take pride in the food that you serve and are willing to add flair to every dish you serve.

Our cigar wafers are approximately 4 inches in length and are pencil thin. They offer the smooth, subtle flavour of vanilla with a flaky pastry texture. Use them as a garnish by placing them in the ice cream itself or display them on the side. Either way, you’re sure to hear comments of appreciation from your customers.

Ice Cream Buffets and Dessert Bars

Be sure to stock up on cigar wafers if you have an ice cream bar or a buffet where patrons can help themselves to their own ice cream sundaes. It’s another ingredient that you can add to your ice cream and dessert buffet that will keep your guests satisfied and coming back for more. For added variety, dip 1/3 of the wafers into melted chocolate and then serve them once the chocolate has hardened.

You can order bulk quantities of these wafers by visiting or you can also call our distributor directly at 1-800-206-1177. We offer wholesale pricing for large orders and while you’re at our site you can browse through our selection of other premium ingredients offered at discounted prices.

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