How to Use Piping Bags

How to Use Piping Bags

Disposable piping bags give you the opportunity to pipe your decorations easily and accurately. Our piping bags are easy to grip, are flexible and can be fitted with any pastry tip. They can also be cut with a pair of scissors to the correct diameter for your piping needs. Whether you’re new to the piping process or simply want a few pointers, here are some guidelines for using piping bags for your next pastry creations.

Start by inserting the tip you’ll be using into the bag so that you can determine by eye how much of the piping bag should be snipped off. Be careful not to cut too large a hole or the tip will fall out when it is inserted.

Insert the tip into the bag snugly. If you’re going to be using a coupler, you’ll need to first place the plastic piece in the bag then put the tip with the plastic ring on the outside. The tip should be screwed tightly into the coupler.

Grab the bag near the middle and then fold the upper part over your hand. This gives you a wide enough opening to fill the bag with the mixture you have prepared. A maximum of 3/4 of the bag should be filled at the most. Once this has been done you’ll need to push on the mixture towards the pastry tip and then twist the bag at the end.

Before adding the filling to your pastries or decorating your baked items make sure that all of the air pockets are out of the bag. Push on the bag over a separate dish to release some of the air before getting started.

When it’s time to begin, make sure that the piping tip is held slightly above the item that is being piped and apply a small amount of pressure to release the filling. Use a steady and slow pressure with the bag held perpendicular or at a 45° angle to the surface. When you have completed a certain portion of your piping simply release the pressure you are applying and lift up the tip.

When you follow these simple tips, you’ll find that piping becomes second nature in no time at all. If you are looking for piping bags in large quantities, please contact us at 1-800-206-1177 or visit our site at At Almondena, we offer wholesale pricing for all of our piping bags and gourmet baking products.