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Wholesale Pine Nuts Toronto, Toronto Wholesale Pine Nuts

Wholesale Pine Nuts Toronto, Pine Nuts Toronto Wholesale







Pine nuts have been around for centuries and while they contain a lot of the same nutrients found in many nuts, they really aren’t nuts. They are pine tree seeds and if you look inside a pine cone you’ll find them located between the scales. These seeds are removed, shelled and then either preserved or consumed right afterwards. They are a delicacy that may be roasted or eaten raw and can be added to a number of dishes or eaten on their own as a snack food.

Pine nuts have long been considered an energy booster due to their high levels of iron, protein, magnesium and monounsaturated fat. When you feel like you simply can’t get through the afternoon, grab some of these nuts to get fully rejuvenated. They also contain pinolenic acid, which may lower your unhealthy cholesterol levels and the vitamin K, magnesium and manganese found in pine nuts are good for your heart.
Along with all of these benefits, pine nuts also boast a healthy mix of antioxidants, which are crucial in the fight against free radicals. If you’re having any trouble with your vision, you may want to grab a handful since they contain lutein. Pine nuts can also act as an appetite suppressant, which is good news for people that are following a diet.
These seeds have lined the pantries of many homes across Asia, North America and Europe for years due to their buttery and nutty taste. They can be found in most pesto sauces and are a great addition to vegetables and salads.
Many distinguished chefs across the world always have a supply of pine nuts on hand to add variety to their dishes. They offer a taste sensation that cannot be found in any other type of food and can bring simple dishes to life very quickly.
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