Pink Praline Nuts Sweeten Any Dessert

Pink praline nuts are a specialty item from Lyon, France and they can be used in a number of different desserts to add extra sweetness or as a main ingredient. They can be used as a desert flavouring or they can be enjoyed on their own. They also make an exquisite decoration when placed on top of truffles and chocolates and can adorn the top of any cake in style.

Chefs in Lyon have been using these sweet treats for years as part of many treats that are praline- based and anyone with a sweet tooth appreciates them. Enter any bakery shop in Lyon and you’re sure to find a “tarte aux pralines“. These are often considered to be Lyon’s signature tarte coming from the heart of gastronomy in France. If you’ve ever had the good fortune to visit Lyon, you’ve no doubt been searching for them upon your return back home. They leave a lasting memory and impression of the extraordinary culinary French legend of cooking.

Another famous bakery item using these pink nuts is the “brioche aux pralines”. This delicacy is made with a brioche that is as soft as a pillow which has been formed into a muffin or a loaf with neon pink praline nuts dotting the top of them. The nuts inside also provide a burst of colour once you bite into the brioche.

Pink praline nuts are also commonly used in meringues, biscottis, praline chocolate mousse, ice cream and gelatos and much more. These nuts add a touch of colour to any dessert recipe and can be used as a garnish on cakes, cupcakes, pies and any other desert creations. There is absolutely no limits when it comes to using these nuts and many chefs have their own secret recipes that include them. When you’re looking for something extra for your favourite dessert masterpiece but don’t know exactly what it is, consider adding pink praline nuts as an ingredient or as a garnish to spruce things up a bit.

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