Baking Brought To The Next Level

You can expect high quality Sugars, Nuts, Vanilla, Dried Fruits or even some Vegan Baking Alternatives with Almondena. Don't miss out on enhancing your baking with superb our ingredients!

Some Sweet, Sweet Sugar

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Sugar Sticks

The classy alternative to using fine sugar in your coffee, these instagram worthy sugars are a sure win for your aesthetic!

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Baking Sugars

Whether you're looking for non-melting sugars or sugars designed to be used for a variety of baking goods, these are for you!

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Sugar Crystals

When fine caster sugar isn't what you're looking for, these white or amber sugar crystals make the perfect alternative!

You'll Go Nuts For These Nuts

From whole nuts for trail mixes, sliced almonds for cakes or pine nuts to make homemade pesto, we have a wide variety of nuts to satisfy your needs

We even carry a range of nut pastes that are useful in baking and a number of gluten free nut flours that are perfect for those nutty desserts!

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Some More Baking Goods


We offer personalized wholesale pricing for those of you running a business who would like to buy some of these quality products in bulk! 

From more sugars than you can imagine, a wide variety of whole and sliced nuts, gluten free nut flours and pastes, vanilla and more, enhance your or your customers' baking with these delectable baking goods at wholesale pricing!